Expanding your team with dedicated design services
We bring years of experience in UX and UI software design, and we help your team scale efforts with product incubation, architecture definition, design production, engineering and implementation capabilities. We can design for any screen, from web to native iOS/Android, desktop, virtual and augmented reality, and even alternative media like eye-tracking or audio-based interfaces.
With little overhead and quickly, we jump into action, forging a day-by-day relationship with your team. Your team will work directly with the designers and developers doing the job.
We embed and adapt to your existing engineering processes but can also coach your team to adopt design processes and best practices that impact the bottom line of your product-making activities. We become an extension of your team; your design team.
high-level, architectural work or detail-oriented, deliverable-focused collaboration
You tell us what you need, and we can switch back and forward between high level, concept design and architecture activities, or go heads-down and focus on deliverables and design production.

We have helped clients incubate cutting-edge tech: eye-tracking interfaces, augmented and virtual reality experience, audio experiences, psychology-driven therapy and smart assistant consultations, hyper-productivity mechanisms via “Micro-tasking”, artificial intelligence, smart home and devices, and IoT.

Software Design / User Research / Information Architecture / User Experience Design / User Interface/Visual Design / Data Visualization / IoT Product Design / Virtual and Augmented Reality / AI-Driven Product Design / Audio-driven Experiences / Sound Design
helping you incubate, research and develop your vision
We are makers, explorers and researchers. We research product, audience, industry, and category to produce software and hardware mockups and prototypes that help you explore your product at different stages of your roadmap.
sell your idea and land funding with compelling visualization
We’ve helped many startups turn a solid business and engineering idea into a compelling, impactful and credible visualization of their product. Founders leverage this visualization to succeed in their early or late funding stages.
We partner with your engineering team providing additional software development resources. Our engineering-oriented clients love delegating React and React Native work to us. This ensures that we can carry the design ideas all the way to actual production-quality code for you. This releases your team from front-end work, allowing them to continue innovating on the backend and services.
cutting edge technology that enable us to capture spaces and create digital twins
Using top-of-the-line 3D laser scanners and sophisticated Autodesk, FARO, Unity and Unreal Engine software, we capture real-world spaces and create digital twins that can be used in architecture and interior design, as well as in simulations, training or gaming scenarios.
Machine Learning within 1:1 spatial replicas
Our spatial digital twins can help you develop Machine Learning and AI within 1:1 digital models without incurring in the costs, safety or other concerns of doing so in the real world. This is useful for developing automation, sensors, smart devices, real time data streaming, drones, robots and human flow and traffic technology.
architecture, interior design and gaming
Architects, interior designers and contractors can leverage these digital twins to help convey their vision, creativity and spatial design solutions to clients in a virtual simulation. These replicas are fully accessible on-screen, but for the ultimate exploration, dive in with VR or AR environments in solo or in multi-user collaborative, game-like online experiences.
Pixelspace is bringing its UX-drive design process to designing spaces. A team of architects and interior designers is helping us envision the house of the future and are currently crafting a first release of self-sustaining residential models for developments in the Riviera Maya coastline and forest in Mexico. This includes everything, from architecture to interior design, furniture design and dedicated ecofriendly industrial design.
Product ManagEment
premium storytelling to drive adoption of your product and your brand
Inspired by your company identity and your product vision, we collaborate with you to explore and define a compelling and effective storytelling and messaging to help drive marketing and sales.
Our collaboration with dozens and dozens of tech entrepreneurs in large companies and startups, have given us the opportunity to develop an acute intuition for understanding complex technical offerings, distilling them down to core values to narrate with compelling storytelling.
crafting effective and beautiful brands
Thanks to our design practice, we are fully equipped to help you take this story and produce brand, identity, presentation and website assets and resources that can help you deliver the message to your customers.